• Higher quality, flatter floors
  • Unsurpassed forklift drivability
  • Less construction joints, which means less future maintenance
  • Assures greater accuracy through Laser Technology
  • Easily places 3″ – 4″ slump concrete, larger aggregate mixse & fibrous concrete
  • Fast track production leads to shortened schedules
  • 50-70% labor savings
  • Concrete is leveled & compacted in one complete operation, producing high strength, dense durable slabs
  • Improves floor quality and increases profits
  • 3D Laser Technology allows use of machine on inclines, catch basins, curved profiles, and compound curves


Overall Width 7’- 8” Outside of Tires
14’-1” at Screed Head
Overall Length 18’-3” Boom In
36’-1” Boom Out
28’-5” Transport
Overall Height 8’-3”
Weight 15,100 lbs
Boom Reach 20 ft.
Screed Width 12 ft.
Screed Area Per Pass 240 sq. ft.
Fuel Capacity 27 gallons
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 27 gallons
Upper Frame Rotation 360 degrees
Vehicle Stabilizers 4 hydraulically-operated stabilizer pads
Drive Train Hydraulic-powered four wheel drive
Axles – Two Drive Steer Type
Operating Modes 2 Wheel, 4 Wheel, Crab Steer
Tires/Wheels 35” 12 ply / 16” rims
Maximum Speed 3.6 MPH
Engine Type 4 Cyl., 4 stroke, direct-injection, liquid-cooled diesel 199 cu. in.
Horse Power 65 HP @ 2600 rpm
Miscellaneous Features 12 volt, key on & off, cold start aid, hand-actuated throttle with electric shut off
Laser Type Custom designed Laser System with 2 independently mounted laser receivers with on-board computer control panel. Continuous elevation monitoring at a rate of 10 times per second.
Screed Type Hydraulic powered laser controlled screeding head mounted on a telescopic boom. Self-leveling screed head consists of a plow that removes excess concrete, an auger that cuts concrete to grade, and a vibrator that consolidates material at 3000 VPM